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Luxury vinyl tiles, also known as LVT, are a popular choice for homeowners because they are practical, durable and easy to maintain. The Forbo Residential Flooring LVT collection – Allura LVT and Enduro LVT – are easy to maintain thanks to the highly durable PUR surface finish. Follow our simple maintenance tips below to keep your tiles looking good.

Cleaning vinyl flooring regularly

Cleaning your vinyl flooring is simple if done well and regularly. Loose dust and soil can be removed using a quality vacuum cleaner that is made for hard floors. Alternatively, you can use a soft brush or dust mop to sweep up debris from the floor.

Use a full well-wrung mop or a damp cloth to spot clean any light surface marks and to wipe the surface. It’s important not to over wet the floor. If you have an electric mop, this will allow you to control the amount of water used and also buffs your floor for a streak-free finish that can dry in minutes.

It’s recommended that you wash your LVT flooring once or twice a week depending on the use of the room, as this will stop stains from staying on the surface. We recommend you mop up spills as they happen to keep your floor looking brand new.

If you’re looking to use cleaning fluid on your floor, ensure it’s compatible with vinyl flooring alongside child and pet friendly. Also always ensure that cleaning fluids are pH neutral (7-8pH). We also recommend that you shouldn’t use wax as this dulls the appearance of your vinyl tiles.

Always allow the floor to dry before use.

Forbo recommends M2 Care Ultra and M2 Care Daily for periodic cleaning and occasional maintenance of our Allura and Enduro LVT Floors. 

How to remove stains from LVT flooring

Remove any spillages as soon as possible to avoid staining the surface. The best way to clean LVT flooring is by using a damp cloth with hot water and a mild, pH neutral detergent to remove the stain. Remember not to soak the floor while doing it.

If a mark is still visible, use a soft-bristled brush in gentle circular movements. If you’re using chemicals, it’s important that you confirm their suitability with LVT flooring.

After the stain has been removed, wipe the floor with a clean damp cloth and fresh clean water. Leave no puddles of water and buff your surface so that it dries much quicker.

How to keep luxury floor tiles looking like new

General cleaning and maintenance are important for keeping any floor looking as if it’s just been installed. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your luxury vinyl tiles looking their best.

  • Trap dirt and moisture before you step on your LVT flooring by using doormats at all entryways. Each mat should be cleaned regularly as well.
  • Try to avoid laying LVT flooring in areas of extreme sunlight as this can lead to discolouration. Keep curtains and blinds closed during those peak sunlight hours to avoid any damage. 

General cleaning advice for LVT floors

To ensure your LVT flooring is as clean as possible, follow our general advice:

  • Don’t excessively wet your floor when cleaning.
  • Keep cleaning equipment clean between uses. 
  • Remove dust and grit from the floor regularly.
  • Avoid sharp items getting stuck under your vacuum which could damage the floor.
  • Any cleaning solutions you use should be diluted in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines – never use undiluted solutions.
  • Remove any stains on your floor as quickly as possible. Wet spillages, particularly fats, grease or foods which contain staining agents (e.g. tomato sauce) should be cleaned immediately.
  • Never use abrasive liquids, powder floor cleaners or scouring pads.
  • Protect against scratching by using felt pads under furniture feet (or furniture cups).
  • Prevent dirt and grit from reaching your floor by using appropriate mats at exterior doorways which protects your floor and saves on cleaning.
  • Don’t replace loose rugs/mats until the floor is completely dry.
  • Use protective coasters under items of pottery as unglazed bases can cause staining
  • When moving heavy appliances, consider using a proprietary furniture sliding disc or a piece of carpet (pile slide down).
  • Take care using furniture polish as overspray of silicone can make the floor slippery
  • Protect your flooring against spillages when deep cleaning ovens/grills with aggressive cleaning solutions.

Cleaning & Maintenance Documents

Allura & Enduro Residential Floor care Guide


Completely adhesive free, the tiles and planks in our Allura and Enduro Click collections can be easily removed and replaced if one should be damaged. This step by step guide will take you through how to remove the affected section of flooring and replace it.

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