Marmoleum Click installation instructions


You've selected Marmoleum click tiles as you flooring of choice for your home. Whether you are installing it in your lounge, bedroom or kitchen read below our guides on how to lay Marmoleum click flooring so you install it correcty for the best result.


  • Always conduct moisture tests on all substrates. All ground-based level floors should have an effective moisture barrier
  • The maximum tolerance in terms of flatness and evenness of the substrate is a 5mm deviation under a 2m straight edge (measured by moving the straight edge in all directions across the substrate) and 1mm under a 20cm straight edge.
  • It is essential that the laying area is at a steady temperature of minimum 18°C for 48 hours prior to, during, and for 24 hours after installation. The material should not be taken out of the boxes and should be conditioned in the same environment for at least 48 hours prior to the installation to acclimatize to the temperature and moisture in the room. Where the floor coverings have been stored or transported immediately prior to delivery in temperatures below 10°C the acclimatisation period should be extended to 72 hours
  • Marmoleum Click can be installed in most locations without adhesive. The maximum surface of any single area installation, without the use of expansion joints, is 150m2 . The use of Forbo Click underlay is recommended in all loose lay installations.
  • Prior to installation boxes should be checked to ensure that the correct colour, batch number and quantity have been received and that the material is in good condition. No claim will be accepted for incorrect colour, pattern or obvious damage if the material has been fitted.
  • Forbo flooring products may be installed over underfloor heated floors providing the maximum surface temperature of the substrate does not exceed 27°C under any condition of use.


Simply slot it together using the special tongue and groove locking system and literally click the panels into place. It can be installed one panel at a time.

Marmoleum Click floors are meant to be installed “floating” without using glue. It is therefore important to ensure that your floor does not touch any adjoining surfaces. This will prevent the floor from buckling should the boards expand because of an increase in temperature and/or air moisture. When installing your floor, always leave a gap of 10mm between the boards and adjoining surfaces like walls, plinths, radiator pipes, pillars, door frames and the like.

Choose underlay materials according to your own situation. However, and for every kind of inorganic subfloor, you must always put down a single layer of 0.2mm thick PE (polyethylene) sheeting. This layer of PE sheeting will insulate your floor from the effects of moisture. The edges of the PE sheet should be turned up at the walls to a height of 5cm, and any seams must overlap by at least 20cm.

Placing an additional layer of Forbo foam over the PE sheet reduces the transmission of impact sounds and levels out minor irregularities in the subfloor


  • Always work from left to right in the installation area. While doing this, the tongue sides of the panel point to the wall. Install the panels with the face side towards the room’s main light source. You can significantly improve the laid floor’s inherent stability by installing the panels lengthways in long, narrow rooms
  • Start the first row by using a temporary board to be sure that the row is right angled. Place the temporary board halfway between the first board.
  • Place another board against the temporary board on the right-hand side of the first board with an angle of approximately 45° and slide it gently towards the left. At the end of the first board lower it and press it, you will now hear the board fall into position. After this remove the temporary board and slide it halfway past the new (second) board
  • Continue this way of working till the end of the row
  • After placing the second last board slide the row up to 10mm from the wall. Place 10mm spacers at the long and short end of the row
  • Measure the distance between the end of the row with a ruler and the wall and subtract 10mm. Mark this distance on a board and saw it to size.
  • Gently pull the row of the wall and place the last piece of Marmoleum Click making use of the temporary board.
  • Gently slide the row back to the wall with the 10mm spacers between the row and the wall at the long and short ends
  • Start the new row by placing the left-over board in the first row at 10mm from the wall
  • Proceed with the previous instruction bullets to complete the installation of the room.
  • If needed to disassemble a row, gently pull the row up and pull it out of the groove of the previous row. Pull the boards up starting with the last installed board to avoid damaging the 5G system

Please note: If the optimum performance of any new floor covering is to be achieved, it is important that the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures are used from day one. You can find these on our website.