Marmoleum Click cleaning and maintenance


The Forbo Marmoleum Click flooring collections are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to Topshield Pro, an innovative and durable factory finish which should not be removed. The Topshield Pro finish is part of the linoleum and the perfect base for your ongoing use of the floor and enjoyment over many years. We want to make sure that you’re happy with your flooring for many years to come. Your Marmoleum click will maintain its good looks provided some simple cleaning procedures are followed, the advice and instructions in this guide will help you get the best out of your investment

Use of cleaning chemicals
Most spillages and marks can be removed using water and a damp mop. When using any cleaning and maintenance products always ensure that they are pH neutral (7-8pH). Forbo recommend M2 Care Ultra and M2 Care Daily for periodic cleaning and occasional maintenance of Marmoleum Click floors. Further information on the use and where to buy these products can be found later in this guide.

Initial clean

After installation, remove loose dust and soiling with a soft broom, dust wiper or vacuum. Light surface scuff marks can be removed using a damp mop. 

Regular cleaning

The day-to-day care of your Marmoleum Click floor consists of the removal of dust and loose soiling and light surface marks.
• Remove loose dust and soil with a soft broom, dust wiper or vacuum.
• Spot clean any light surface marks with a damp mop or cloth. 
• Allow the floor to dry before use. More stubborn marks may require localised spot cleaning with M2 Care Ultra cleaning solution and a soft scrubbing brush or soft nylon pad.

Periodic cleaning

• Remove loose dust and soil with a soft broom, dust wiper or vacuum.
• Clean the floor using a damp mop and M2 Care Ultra cleaning solution
• Rinse with clean water and a mop.
• Allow the floor to dry before use.

Occasional maintenance

When required, the appearance of your floor can be refreshed using a pH neutral floor maintainer such as M2 Care Daily.
• Remove loose dust and soil with a soft broom, dust wiper or vacuum.
• Clean the floor using a damp mop and M2 Care Ultra or M2 Care Daily cleaning solutions. 
• Rinse with clean water and a mop.
• Apply a fresh solution of M2 Care Daily evenly with a damp mop (being careful not to over wet the floor).
• Allow the floor to dry before use.

Please note: In most situations for regular cleaning and occasional maintenance a damp mop to clean prior to rinsing will suffice. However, for stubborn marks or heavily soiled floors the light use of a soft scrubbing brush or soft nylon pad may be required.


  • Do not ever over wet the floor when cleaning 
  • Ensure cleaning equipment is kept clean between uses 
  • Remove dust and grit reguarly - dry dust wiping is a quick and easy way to remove loose soil 
  • When vaccuming, check that nothing sharp is in contact with the floor which could get stuck under the vaccum and casue scratches 
  • Always ensure cleaning solutions are diluted in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Never use undiluted solutions
  • Remove stains quickly. Wet spillages, particularly fats, grease or foods which contain staining agents (e.g. tomato sauce) should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Never use abrasive liquid, powder floor cleaners, or scouring pads.
  • Protect against scratching by using felt pads under furniture feet (or furniture cups).
  • Prevent dirt and grit from reaching your floor by using appropriate mats at exterior doorways. This will not only protect your floor but also save time on cleaning.
  • Do not replace any loose rugs/mats until the floor is completely dry.
  • Use protective coasters under items of pottery as unglazed bases can cause staining.
  • When moving heavy appliances, consider using a proprietary furniture sliding disc or a piece of carpet (pile side down).
  • Take care when using furniture polish as overspray of silicone can make the floor slippery
  • Protect your Marmoleum surface against spillages when deep cleaning ovens/grills with aggressive cleaning solutions.

Cleaning product recommendations 

The M2 Care range of products, including accessory products such as mops and cloths, are available from M2 Care (part of the Wrennalls Group), together with advice on specific cleaning issues. Call 01772 435739 for further information or check out their website:

Cleaning & Maintenance Documents 

For more Marmoleum flooring advice, read more guidelines in our Installation & Support section. If you have a question for the team on maintaining you Marmoleum flooring: